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Research & Economic Development

Research at New Mexico Tech


The New Mexico Tech's Research & Economic Development (R&ED) Office encourages interdisciplinary and collaborative work between faculty, students, and other universities and research entities. R&ED provides financial support, professional and technical expertise, and special services and facilities to assist researchers at New Mexico Tech.

New Mexico Tech recognizes the importance of research projects to prepare all students for their career. Therefore, all researchers, even those who are not tenure-tracked faculty members, are strongly encouraged to hire students and give them active roles in projects.

In all the engineering departments, seniors finish their undergraduate careers with a “capstone” project. In Senior Design Clinic, students often work with off-campus sponsors who present a challenging project to Tech students. These sponsors often become active partners, mentoring and advising seniors. Senior Design truly gives students a taste of what they will experience once they enter the workforce.

Some of our partners include General Electric, Yates Petroleum, NASA, the national laboratories and numerous other high-tech companies – both in New Mexico and around the world.